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Orange County and GARDEN GROVE are famous for having many beautiful coasts and beaches in addition to mountainous topography, making for spectacular views BUT also carpets and tile that get soiled from everything including sand and rocks to tar and saltwater. 


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            According to the authority on carpets, The Carpet and Rug Institute or CRI, Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery should be cleaned every 3-9 months, depending on the amount of foot traffic and whether there are children, animals, pregnant women or people that suffer from asthma or certain skin conditions in the carpet offices or homes.


            Carpets trap a tremendous amount of dust and debris from the many roads, highways and parking lots that surround Orange County and GARDEN GROVE.  As a result, proper care and maintenance is required to prolong the life of the carpet or furniture. 



 Tar must be cleaned with a dry solvent.  Citrus based solvents contain non toxic high quality degreasing oils with non reactive qualities, making for a premium product. We use Citrus-Pro, a non toxic dry solvent that works best on tar, traffic areas, and oily spots from food or pet fur. As always, we follow with All Fiber Rinse©



Sand must be vacuumed immediately.  Sand is the number one reason for carpet fiber deterioration because of the gritty nature of sand in carpet.  Sand particles often cause severe damage to the carpet fibers by wearing them down over time, especially in combination with beach oils or pet oils that combine to make a cement like substance in carpets.  Surfers almost always have the toughest carpets to restore simply because the amount of sand and oil.  So, vacuum sand immediately.



Never use water or anything wet to clean ink from your carpets.  Instead use a dry solvent and blot, blot, blot!  Be very careful not to spread the ink around on the carpets.




1) Healthier, Cleaner home

2) Noticeable difference in Air Quality and Purity

3) Fresher smelling and softer carpets and furniture

4) Carpets and Upholstery lasts longer, is brighter with a better overall condition.





            No Heat, No High Quality Professional Grade Cleansers, No Enzymes, No Zero Residue Rinses, No Steam, No Vacuum Suction, No Pump… NO POINT! NEVER attempt to clean carpets with a Rented Rug Machine, as this process leaves a lot soap and residue in the carpets because the machines do not have vacuums that are powerful enough to remove all the soap and dirt, leaving a toxic residue.  That soapy residue actually causes more dirt to stick to carpet and makes it harder to clean the second time around. 

            Any kind of “Dry Foaming” method is outdated and unhealthy. Additionally, the machines are not heated and produce NO STEAM.  Finally, the products we use cost four times those of rented quality…they are not in the same league.  Aside from being green seal certified, our products are made from nature which costs more than products made from sodium or ethanol combinations.  The results speak for themselves



             Always remove shoes or sneakers before walking on carpet.  This will prevent further damage, as well as new stains.  The hard soles of shoes are often made of rubber.  Over time rubber that is trapped by carpets begins to melt right into the carpet. A client will say,” The carpets feel hard and sticky.  This is either old soap, or rubber compound, in the carpet.



            Household carpet cleaning sprays or foams, because they are not formulated for easy rinsing.  Often times, do it yourself spot removers contain thick, sudsy soaps which get stuck in the carpet.  After the carpets dry, the residue of the household carpet cleaner becomes very sticky, causing your carpets to be brittle, turn gray and they quickly begin to attract new dirt.  Without the proper products or equipment, cleaning carpets often leaves them dirtier and worse condition than before they were cleaned.



            It is best practice to vacuum carpets at least once a week. Even though your carpets may not look dirty, chances are they are hiding plenty of it, even from just one day or dust in the air and foot traffic. The more frequently that carpets are vacuumed, the better they will look and the better your home will smell.



            Several companies make pre-vacuum powder that supposedly gets more dirt out of the carpets.  Those claims are not true.  Pouring powder and then vacuuming will not remove stains or even cause more dirt to be lifted.  HOWEVER, one brand, ARM and Hammer Pet Fresh Vacuum Powder deodorizer is a fantastic deodorizer (not sanitizer) that really helps get rid of the odor caused by animal hair, dander and oils.  THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR STEAMING OUT URINE OR PET SPOTS.  This is simply a vacuum deodorizer that really does deliver when the odor from hair and oils build up and there are no urine stains.


Make sure to steam clean the carpet or get a deep cleaning in the carpet as often as necessary. To have a clean carpet, you need to have it cleaned by a professional carpet steam cleaner. The point is that a thorough cleaning will be needed at the very least every six months to a year.



            The correct use of entrance pad will clean off guests and residents shoes and will keep a majority of the tracked in dirt off of carpets.  If using entrance mats, there are three very important things to consider for making them as effective as possible. The first consideration is the mat must be long and should be between 6 to 12 feet long, with 10 to 12 feet long being the best idea if possible.  There also needs to be mats placed outside the residence. These pads will remove the larger particles of soil. The second is mats should be cleaned on a regular basis before they reach the point of totally matting. If a mat reaches this point, it will no longer hold the dirt. Monitoring areas outside the building and well positioned entrance mats are ways we can prevent most of the soils from entering the house or building. Not matter how wonderful your protective maintenance is, a certain amount of soil will get in unless the mat is replaced once a year.




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